How To Use

Vagitone Wand

Never have the Vaginal Tightening Wand inserted for more than 2 minutes because of its powerful and fast acting ingredients. The wand has been designed for ease of use and to make sure you can go with your usual daily living.

  1. Wash vagina with water and rinse the stick off for 5 seconds before inserting the Tightening Wand slowly into the vagina.
  2. Rotate the wand for around 30 seconds and let it remain in from 1 more minute and remove the wand from the vagina.
  3. After using, rinse the wand again with water for next use. *Do not wash it too long as it will reduce the times you may reuse the wand*
  4. Store the wand in a dry and cool shaded environment.


  1. You may adjust the time you have the wand inserted in the vagina to find your ideal tightness. *Do not exceed 2 minutes*
  2. To improve your overall tightness, this process can be done every alternate day until you achieve your desired tightness.
  3. To use this product before intercourse, use the wand a half hour to an hour before intercourse for the best results.

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