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Product Description

Vaginal Rejuvenation

What if I told you that you don't need to pay thousands of dollars to rejuvenate your vagina? You may think it's impossible without having to go through surgery. The truth is, you can have a tight rejuvenated vagina for only a tiny fraction of the cost of surgery!

That best part? It's completely natural and safe!


Tightens Vagina Naturally
Rejuvenates Outer & Inner Labia
Improves Intimacy, Pleasure, and Confidence
Quick & Easy To Use
All Natural Ingredients
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No Expensive Vaginoplasty Surgery
No Expensive Laser Surgery
No Recovery Time
No Hidden Costs Or Fee's
30-Day Money Back Guarantee
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Our Vaginal Tightening Wand is made from unique, pure and selected natural herbs and plants that are proven in helping moisturize, tighten and revitalize the vagina!

The Vagitone Wand is one of the best choices when it comes to getting an affordable, fast, easy, safe, convenient and highly effective way to get a tighter vagina and have improved overall vaginal health while improving your sexual life.


- Madura -

Madura is the most rapid acting medicinal herb found in the island of Madura in Indonesia. It is a traditional herb, well-known to Madurese women for hundreds of years, that has been passed on for generations. It has a unique and unusual vaginal muscle contraction, a rapid anti-inflammatory effect and also helps eliminate vaginal order.

- Borneol -

Borneol flakes is one of the highly prized and very rare native Chinese herbs. It has been extensively studied and used by generations of physicians in ancient China. It is very popular as an adjuvant therapy for a variety of conditions due to its excellent trans-dermal delivery ability. It helps the rapid absorption of the ingredients by he vagina while enhancing their therapeutic effects. It also has an antibacterial. anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties. 

- Pearl Powder -

The practice of powdering pearls for use in cosmetics started in China centuries ago and continues today. Pearls contain a unique combination of amino acids, peptides, vitamins and trace minerals that nourish and strengthen the skin, encourage cell renewal and help to keep the skin soft, supple and retain its moisture. It contains 10 amino acids which help maintain cell nutrition and are essential building blocks for cell generation.

- Honeysuckle -

Honeysuckle is also known as woodbine or Jin Yin Hua. This herb is an old Chinese medicine used for relieving inflammation, killing harmful bacteria in the body, detoxifying the bloodstream. It stimulates blood flow to the vagina. This plant also has strong antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory properties but it is used for its astringent property to tighten your vagina.

- Alum -

Also known as "Dridhranga" or "Argilla Vitriolutum" is a semi transparent natural mineral salt used for its astringent and tightening properties. Alum is one of the best ingredients you can find in vaginal tightening products.

Usage Instructions:

Never have the Vaginal Tightening Wand inserted for more than 2 minutes because of its powerful and fast acting ingredients. The wand has been designed for ease of use and to make sure you can go with your usual daily living.

  1. Wash vagina with water and rinse the stick off for 5 seconds before inserting the Vagitone Wand slowly into the vagina.
  2. Rotate the wand for around 30 seconds and let it remain in from 1 more minute and remove the wand from the vagina. (Tightening effects vary from amount of time the wand is left inserted. If it's your first time using the wand, please start with only inserting the wand for 30 seconds!)
  3. After using, rinse the wand again with water for next use. *Do not wash it too long as it will reduce the times you may reuse the wand*
  4. Store the wand in a dry and cool shaded environment.
  • Tightens vaginal walls for improved intimacy, pleasure, and confidence.
  • Rejuvenates vaginal lips (inner and outer labia).
  • Restores loosened or relaxed vagina muscles.
  • Eliminates the need for expensive creams or invasive surgeries.
  • Helps prevent yeast infections.


  1. You may adjust the time you have the wand inserted in the vagina to find your ideal tightness. *Do not exceed 2 minutes*
  2. To improve your overall tightness, this process can be done every alternate day until you achieve your desired tightness.
  3. To use this product before intercourse, use the wand a half hour to an hour before intercourse for the best results. 


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  • The Vagitone Wand results will appear within half an hour.
  • Use the wand every other day to get firm and lasting effects.
  • Tightening effects could eventually decrease if you discontinue its use.
  • If your are unsatisfied with the Vagitone Wands results you can rely upon our 30 day money back guarantee.
  • The wand SHOULD NOT be used when menstruating, during pregnancy or lactating.
  • Doing kegels while using The Vaginal Tightening Wand will increase your results.

If you have any additional questions  please visit our Frequently Asked Questions, or contact us, we would love to hear from you! Please click here to contact us.

If you're pregnant, lactating or menstruating please do not use this product.

*Packaging May Vary

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