Making Love With Your Eyes

Eyes gazing

Some say you can fall in love simply by looking at someone. We can say this is definitely something that can happen (and has!), and we will be showing you exactly what you can do to achieve this and even possibly make your and your partner even closer!

Let's hope right in!

It's true when people say the eyes are the gateway to the soul. Have you ever looked into someone's eyes and completely lost thought? It seems to be a common occurrence. It was proved that body language is much more accurate in providing details about the other person than even their facial postures.

Eye contact is a tool you can use to your advantage in everyday life, but most importantly in bed. (We do believe everything matters more in bed. Yes.)

couple looking into eyes

A graduate student at the University of Michigan, a prominent psychologist named Zick Rubin became fascinated with how to measure love. Later, at Harvard and Brandeis, the romantic young researcher produced the first psychometrically based scale to determine how much affection couples felt for each other. It became known as Rubin's Scale and, to this day, many social psychologists use it to determine people's feelings for each other. In his study on the ''Measurement of Romantic Love," Zick Rubin found that people who were deeply in love gaze at each other much more when talking and are slower to look away when somebody intrudes in their world. He confirmed this through a trick experiment. He asked dating couples a long series of questions so he could first rate the pairs on how much they loved each other. The couples, unaware of their rating, were then put in a waiting room and told, "The experimenter will be with you shortly to start the experiment." Unbeknownst to them, that was the experiment. Hidden cameras recorded how much time the couples spent staring into each other's eyes. The higher the couple had scored on the first test, the more time they spent looking at each other. The less love they felt for each other, the less time they made eye contact.

So how the heck is it done?

Look into the eyes of your partner and imagine looking through them as if you're staring directly into their soul. If their eyes are closed, simply tell them you love looking at them and to open up.

It's really as simple as that! People truly feel connected and understood when someone is looking into their eyes, not to mention it will also break them off of anything else they're thinking about while making intense eye contact. It will ensure that you're both undoubtedly in the zone and on the same level.

Of course, there is a fine line between a stalker stare and a soul starring love gaze. When things begin to feel intense, keep eye contact for just a little bit longer than comfortable and simply gaze away.

The next time you close and feeling the passion, bring it to the next level and feel a deeper connection and stronger bond with your partner. It will also give you one of the best orgasms of your life if you do this right before the climax!

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